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Australia's Peak Body in Quality and Safeguarding

Australia's only national peak body focused on quality management and governance in aged care, community care and disability.  We specialise in complex care needs within the community.

MISSION: To be a leader in the provision of advice, education and support in quality certification and benchmarking for community services

GOAL: The disability, aged and community services industry is known for Quality Services; specifically, to ensure clients receive quality care and support including those with complex care needs.

SUMMARY: Peak body for quality care and service provision in aged care, disability and community care
Core Modules of ACIS 4.0

Core Modules

ACIS 4.0 has 5 core modules that are proportionately assessessed by trained ACIS Auditors against international audit principles.

Additional Modules

These are specific modules that Providers in these specialities can be credentialed against to support validity against care and service provision of a expert nature.

ACIS 4.0 Additional Modules

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