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    ACIA is committed to providing training and support for your needs and that of your staff and clients.

Clinical Supervision Course for Clinical Leaders
Fortnightly supervision, commencing Friday, 22nd July, for 8 sessions 11am-12:30pm AEST (it is still not too late to join). Fee: $600+gst / 50% off for ACIA members.

Fortnightly sessions for Clinical Leaders to develop their skills in leadership, complex clinical care areas, reporting, supervision and reflective practice.  1 hour of education, followed by 1/2 hour of interactive reflective practice and case study work.

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FREE - ACIS 4.0 Introduction
Monday, 15th of August 11am-2pm AEST

You are invited to a FREE course that overviews ACIS 4.0, the standards, how it maps to NDIS and the Aged Care Act, the Scheme and the process of certification.

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Governance Mentoring for Senior Leaders
Fortnightly mentoring, commencing Friday, 16th September for 8 sessions 1pm-2:30pm AEST. Fee: $600+gst / 50% off for ACIA members.

This is a mentoring course for Senior Leaders in community care, aged care and disability who are learning or hoping to improve in governance and leadership.  It will consist of an initial topic presentation for focus and then a confidential sharing of ideas, learnings and support as each develops confidence and capability in the area of governance.  For leaders starting on the journey or wanting to be challenged further to grow both in compliance and business sustainability.

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Dignity of Risk
Friday, 23rd of September 12pm-2pm AEST. Fee: $450+gst / 50% off for ACIA members.

Dignity of Risk helps individuals to take positive steps that can lead to improved quality of life and care outcomes, as well as support increasing attainment of personal goals. 

This short course will explore how you can support an individual's goals, as well as find a balance against the organisation's risk appetite. We will seek to explore some initial thinking about how to develop these processes and your implementation of such.

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FREE - ACIS 4.0 Introduction
Thursday, 22nd of September 9am-1pm AEST

You are invited to a FREE course that overviews ACIS 4.0, the standards, how it maps to NDIS and Aged Care Act, the Scheme and the process of certification.

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ACIS Comprehensive Course
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 27th & 28th 9am-3pm AEST. Fee: $400+gst / 50% off for ACIA members.

We will cover all of the standards, how to prepare for ACIS, mapping of ACIS, the Scheme requirements, benchmarking, and many focus areas for you to upskill on, including; dignity of risk, open disclosure, cultural safety, clinical governance and benchmarking.

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Clinical Governance Master Class
November - Date to be confirmed. Fee: $400+gst / 50% off for ACIA members.

Master class on clinical governance, by expert Chris Coombs, to support meaningful and practical examples for Providers:
  • Understand the concepts of clinical governance;
  • Implement clinical governance structure that meets organisational needs;
  • Apply systematic approach to standards and safeguarding through clinical governance;
  • Identify elements of safety, quality and risk management and how they relate to adverse events; and
  • Explore examples of good clinical governance that you can implement.

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FREE - Roundtable with NDIS Registrar and NDIS Behaviour Support Expert 2.0
Wednesday, 6th of July 1pm-2pm AEST

We have organised a roundtable for our members to talk directly again with Sam Taylor (NDIS Registrar) and Jeff Chan (NDIS Behaviour Practitioner) so you can ask questions of them directly.  This has come from various discussions we have had with them around our concerns for; unregistered providers, registration groups, participant plan changes, funding, NDIS worker screening, NDIS new standards and how they were implemented, NDIS Standards, lack of transparency of data and complaints management.  This is your chance to ask them directly... I think, they think, we are making up these issues.

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ACIS 2018 Learnings
Wednesday, 27th of July 12pm-2pm AEST (FREE for ACIS 2018 Providers)

This is a release of the findings into a review of all ACIS 2018 certified providers.  It will review the gaps, learnings, findings and trends.  We will identify common failures leading to non conformities in each of the ACIS 2018 standards as well as where best practice has been awarded.

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