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ACIA Press Release: Aged Care and Disability Crisis in Australia
April 6, 2022

Both the Aged Care Act and the NDIS Act have failed the most vulnerable people in our community.  This crisis has been validated by more than 20 reports and a Royal Commission across the last two decades, yet barely anything has been done to address these fundamental issues. 

Budget Response & Appeal for Improved Quality Management & Safeguarding in Aged Care, Disability & Community Care
April 1, 2022

Summary of Australia Community Industry Alliance’s Position 

• Australian Community Industry Standard is an evidenced-based, human rights-based standard, against international accreditation and sampling requirements that is in place and assessing clients across aged care, community care and NDIS for two decades with formidable and statistically valid outcomes.

NDIS 2018 Practice Standards - Amendments November 2021
November 5, 2021

ACIA is a member of the NDIS Consultative Committee and was informed a few months ago of three new Practice Standards to be introduced early in the financial year. Unfortunately they have only been made available to us to distribute information today. New Practice Standards: Mealtime Management a

July 27, 2021

Palliative Care can often be viewed as one of the most private times in one’s life journey, one that may be both sensitive in nature and personal in perception. However, it may also be conceptualised as a part of life that is one of the most special, humbling, and reflective moments in our time.

ACIA White Paper Code of Conduct for Unregulated Workers
May 7, 2021

Australian Community Industry Alliance (ACIA) is committed to the highest standard of quality and safety of care and service delivery. ACIA undertakes its functions to enforce the Australian Community Industry Standard.