ACIA Quality & Compliance Solution

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Standards and Performance Pathways

The ACIA Quality Portal is an online solution for accreditation, standards compliance and quality management that carries all the main Australian health and human services standards. Many of these standards are mapped to one another, providing an efficient way of completing multiple sets of standards through a single assessment process, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication. 

The Portal supports ACIA members to manage their compliance with the Australian Community Industry Standard (ACIS 4.0). However, it also contains self-assessments for all the other leading standards that might be relevant to ACIA members such as the NDIS Practice Standards, National Standards for Mental Health Services, NSQHS and the Aged Care Quality Standards.


Hosting hundreds of resources, best practice policy templates, pro formas, evidence guides and interactive self-assessments, the Quality Portal sets the standard for compliance management. Providers who use the Quality Portal save up to 80% of the time they spend on quality improvement and compliance reporting.


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