• ACIA guidelines for ACIA Members, support for care and service provision of its clients and the ACIS Scheme.

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    ACIA Guidelines

Guideline Development and Review
Care and Service Provision in the Community
Medication Management in the Community
Administration of Oral Medications in Community Care
Administration of Non-Oral and Non-Injectable Medications
Provision of Bowel Care
Driving a Clients Vehicle
Driving a Private Vehicle Transporting Clients
National Police Checks
Use of ACIS Logo
Subcutaneous Injections in the Community
Use of ACIA Member Logo
Communication Between Providers and Health Professionals
Catheter Care in the Community
Skin Care in the Community
Bariatric Care in the Community
Balancing Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk
Discontinuation of Services
Responding to Adverse Events
Complaints Handling
Statement on Quality of Care for Members
Support Worker Training Requirements
Protection of Belongings, Money and Property
ACIS Certification Transfer
Management of Adverse Event or Reportable Incident
Management of Behaviours of Concern
Clinical Governance in the Community
Enteral Feeding in the Community
Professional Boundaries in Community Care
Supporting Persons with Dysphagia at Mealtimes
Infection Control in thr Community
Emergency Planning for Major Events
Palliative Care in the Community
Falls Management in the Community
Clinical Deterioration in the Community
Role of the Registered Nurse in the Community
Advocacy, Diversity & Choice in the Community
Wound Management in the Community
Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Community
Psychotropic Medication Management in the Community
Case Management in the Community
Clostridium Difficile in the Community
Mobility and Re-enablement in the Community
Diabetic Management in the Community
Cytotoxic Medication Management in the Community
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Any Thoughts?
Any Thoughts?