ACIA Press Release: 
Lack of Thought Leadership in Aged Care and NDIS

ACIA respects the effort that has been evident over the past two decades to improve the quality and safeguarding of our communities most vulnerable.

ACIA would like to acknowledge that there has been intent through which we has seen the introduction of the royal commissions into both aged care and disability.  However we have no evidence of implementation nor the ongoing commitment of substantial change of two sectors that are in crisis.  ACIA welcomes discussion of the incumbent government to actually act and provide the thought leadership to provide support to our clients, sustainability to the sector and reform to the commissions that are failing to meet the needs of our most vulnerable.

The issues at hand:
•9:10 providers are not financially sustainable due to the funding reductions regardless of expert professional opinion to meet individual goals;
•4:5 clients aren’t able to achieve their goals as the commission wont support them; despite the Scheme documenting that as being the intent;
•1:3 clients shifts are unable to be filled due to lack of workforce;
•9:10 clients receiving a behaviour support plan as indicated by the NDIS commission, indicate that they aren’t individualised, don’t reflect the needs of clients ad are not able to be implemented by support workers;
•3:5 NDIS clients are self-managed and don’t have workers who have any accountability to protect their clients, no training, no insurance, no accountability but that’s ok for the NDIS commission;
•1:2 providers fail the aged care commission standard assessments because:
          The auditors aren’t qualified against international standards as auditors;
          They don’t triangulate evidence, just find fault which is not aligned to auditing principles. They don’t interview clients and staff to validate gaps;
          There is no alignment to international auditing requirements, just their individual and bespoke political agendas;
•The government has cut funding across the sector (despite the growth in numbers) so that clients are deprived of their individual needs.  Even the new AN-ACC tool has been manipulated to cut costs and reduce funding.  ACIA supports 24/7 Nurses in aged care but not the ratios that are indicating Registered Nurses are looking after up to 150 clients each shift with no support and no escalation capability.  This is a result of the negligence occurring between state and federal governments.
•Currently across both state and federal governments in health; both are self-interested in achieving their own budgets and KPIs – never of the clients needs.  It consistently appears in clients challenges that they jump between systems, and no one wants to own their needs of both compromise their financial outcomes.  In summary, budgets are owning the failures in protecting out vulnerable, no one wants to own the fact that they are failing the immediate and long-term needs of these clients.  How can we accept that the government is killing our elderly and those with disabilities?
Associate Professor Nicole Brooke, CEO of Australian Community Industry Alliance; the peak body for quality management in aged care and disability; reports that the priorities for the future of these sectors include:
•Reform of the aged care and NDIS Commissions.
•Commitment to respond to the Royal Commission’s recommendations (and future recommendations of those from the disability commission);
•Ensuring that the workforce for the sectors is adequately supported, renumerated and retained in the future;
•Completely address the failures of the aged care audit process to support international auditing processes to facilitate actual validity in the performance of aged care providers;
•Change must include stopping the culture of band-aiding providers actions, and supporting the continuous improvement processes that are both sustainable and enduring to the best outcomes of our clients; and
•Stop political bias and actually advocate for the wellbeing and safety of vulnerable clients.
ACIA CEO Dr Nicole Brooke is available for media comment.

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