Other Projects

Other Projects

My Disability Supports: Managing Safety                                                                                                                       

ACIA has developed a website resource that enables people with disability who employ their own support workers to understand Work, Health, Safety laws and their responsibilities.

The new website My Disability Supports: Managing Safety is now available and includes tools to identify, manage and address risks in the home, risks in support tasks and risks when out and about in the community.  It also includes activities, downloadable checklists, useful forms and links.

A series of workshops and webinars was delivered in February 2015 to launch the new website, tools and resources.  The workshop presentation is available to watch and listen, please click here

Two Attendant Care Workers Decision Tool 

ACIA was funded by the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Authority to consult stakeholders and develop a list of indicators, decision steps, key considerations and possible alternatives for the approval of two attendant care workers to support a person with disability simultaneously.   There are many situations where there is not a clear, single or straight forward reason for the need for two attendant care workers to support a person with disability.  The rationale for deciding whether two attendant care workers is appropriate, in order to deliver a service safely, is subjective, involves multiple factors and consideration of alternatives.

The decision tool will provide a simple, yet enables a comprehensive assessment in a user friendly format that can be completed easily and quickly.  The  decision tool will enable the user to generate a report, based on the indicators, considerations and possible alternatives to guide decision making.