How to Enrol in ACIS

Certification Enrolment, and ACIS Order Form

In order to enrol in the Attendant Care Industry Standard, please follow these steps:

  • Purchase the ACIS 2013 Standard and Self-Assessment (ACIS 2013 and Self-Assessment Order Form)
  • Contact our approved ACIS Auditing Organisations on the contact details below to discuss your certification and audit requirements, gather and compare quotes for audit
  • Decide on the ACIS Auditing Organisation you would like to undertake your audit (see approved auditing bodies below)
  • Complete an Application for Enrolment in ACIS Certification Program and submit to ACIA for approval
  • ACIA will review applications and may request amendments
  • When your application is approved, ACIA will advise you by email and will request payment of the ACIA Fees and Prices and advise that you now complete your self-assessment form (either manually or via the  ACIA SPP Portal) and submit to your chosen auditing organisation
  • ACIA will email your approved application to your chosen ACIS Auditing   Organisation and advise them that your application has been approved by ACIA
  • See certification process for next steps

Approved ACIS auditing bodies:

Health Audit Australia Ltd

Main 1800 087 659  Mobile+64 27 4904930

Website     Email:


Main: 02 9886 0222

Website  email


Main: 1800 601 696

Website email