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About the Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS)

“Whilst preparing for our initial on-site audit, we found the standards to be uncompromisingly focused on client outcomes. The most significant effect of the process of achieving ACIA endorsed ACIMSS certification for our service is that our continuous improvement framework more strongly upholds positive outcomes for clients and their families.” Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney

Like its predecessor, the Attendant Care Industry Management System Standard (ACIMSS), the Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS) is the national quality management standard that specifically addresses the provision of attendant care services.  Providers operating in accordance with ACIS can gain ACIA-endorsed certification through a certification body accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).  Achieving certification to ACIS is a rigorous undertaking that requires service providers to achieve demonstrable quality outcomes for service users. A summary of the ACIS can be downloaded here.

ACIS focuses on the key issues required to deliver high quality, individualised attendant care in the community. It is applicable to any attendant care provider offering low, moderate or high levels of support for people to live in their community and is not limited in scope to any one particular government department or funder.  ACIS was developed by the industry for the industry, in collaboration with state and federal governments in response to the need for one, agreed, generic attendant standard that specifically addressed the delivery of attendant care services.  Quality is about continuous improvement, and ACIS has brought the former standard up to date with the new emphasis on choice, control and consumer-directed care.

Why ACIS Certification?

By choosing ACIS, your organisation will be ideally placed to demonstrate the achievement of high quality, low risk service delivery to funding bodies, service users and the wider attendant care sector. Click here to find out more.

Financial Assistance to get Certified

Click here to find out what financial assistance is available to help with costs of becoming certified to ACIS                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How to Enrol in ACIS

Enrolling in ACIS is easy! Click here to find out what you need to do.


Certification Process

Click here to find out about the process involved in certification to ACIS

Organisations Certified to Attendant Care Industry Standard 2013

 The table below details the organisations certified to the Attendant Care Industry Standard 2013 (ACIS). The table includes the certificate number, scope of services certified and expiry dates.