The Attendant Care Industry Awards

The Attendant Care Industry Association is please to host the inaurgural Attendant Care Industry Awards on:

Date: Thursday 15 September 2016

Location:  Park Hyatt Sydney, 7 Hickson Road, The Rocks, NSW, Australia

Time: 6.00pm to 10:30pm.

About the Awards:

Attendant care support workers are an essential part of the disability, aged care and community services systems that focus on maximising a person’s independence. Without their care and support, many people would not be able to participate in the community, education, employment and live their lives in a manner of their choosing.

The Attendant Care Industry Awards recognise and acknowledge the attendant care support workers in disability support, aged care and community sectors that provide support to the highest standard in order to increase the quality of life and inclusion of people with support needs. It recognises the dedication and professionalism of attendant care support workers in the disability, aged care and community sectors. The Awards provide a unique opportunity for attendant care support workers to be recognised by their peers for their commitment to quality attendant care service provision.

Only Attendant Care Support Workers are eligible to win an Award!!

An attendant care support worker is defined as any person who is employed, hired, retained or contracted to provide care or other support services in the disability, aged care and community sector. An attendant care support worker may also be a sole trader.

All winners receive a Trophy and Prize

Each winner will receive:
A prize – up to $1000 cash or coles myer voucher or equivalent, and
A free ticket to the Awards Dinner (and complimentary ticket)
Reasonable costs of accommodation and travel will be paid for, and
A Trophy to commemorate the Award

There can only be one winner per category

Key Dates

  • Sponsorships April to August 2016
  • Nominations Open 16 May 2016
  • Nominations Close 29 July 2016
  • Winners announced 15 August 2016  changed to 19 August 2016
  • Formal announcements at the Awards Evening 15 September 2016

To Nominate

Nominations for the Awards can be made by any person involved in attendant care service delivery, including (but not limited to) recipients of attendant care services and their carers and families, service managers, care and quality coordinators, case managers, therapists and other attendant care support workers.  Nominations must be endorsed by a current Attendant Care Industry Association (ACIA) member. (See the Terms and Conditions below for more information)
Participants/Consumers who nominate and whose nomination results in the nominee successfully in winning an award, will be provided with complimentary ticket to the Awards Night.

The Attendant Care Industry Association, Chief Executive Officer will be the Awards Secretariat and responsible for managing and administering these Awards.  If you do not know any ACIA members or need assistance with the nomination form, contact the Awards Secretariat by phone on +612 9264 7197 or email:

To obtain a copy of the nomination form, download a copy here!

The Categories

There are a total of 6 categories, four which relate to the Attendant Care Industry Standard 2013 and two additional, representing excellence in supporting particular demographics.
The categories are:

  • Rights and responsibilities Award
  • Governance and operational management Award
  • Service provision Award
  • Work environment Award
  • Excellence in supporting the needs of Aboriginal people and their communities
  • Excellence in supporting the needs of people from a culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

The Judging

The independence of the Awards is maintained through the dedication and integrity of the Awards Judges, who generously volunteer their time and expertise to appraise the nominations. Their passion and ongoing commitment is vital to the Awards’ success. Judges have been selected based on their involvement with quality attendant care service delivery and are representatives of number of government bodies and participant and advocacy groups.

Judges are required to judge each nomination according to a selection criteria. A copy of the criteria can be downloaded here Judging Criteria

The Evening – A Fabulous Event

Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner.

The evening will include:
A three course Dinner and Drinks (include vegetarian options)
Presentations (by sponsors and guest speakers)
Entertainment and Master of Ceremonies

Terms and Conditions

All entries must adhere to the following conditions of entry or risk being declared ineligible:

• Nominations will be accepted from any person involved in or in receipt of attendant care services  and  include, but are not limited to, participants/service users, their families and carers, support workers, therapists, attendant care service providers, affiliate members, auditing services, accredited training providers, and government agencies. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Awards Secretariat for advice: phone  +612 9264 7197 or email:

• The nominee must an attendant care support worker providing attendant care services.

• Nominations must be submitted in accordance with the important entry information set out on the Awards page on the Attendant Care Industry website and comply with the following:- All nominations are to be submitted electronically using the correct nomination form sent by email by 5 pm, 29 July 2016.

– An ACIA member must endorse each entry prior to electronic submission.
– Nominations to the 2016 Awards can be lodged for a single Award only.

• The Attendant Care Industry Association reserves the right to invite nominations.

• Before nominations are assessed by the judges, they will be vetted by the Attendant Care Secretariat to ensure the entry complies with relevant terms and conditions.

• The decision on winners and finalists in each category, is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

• It is intended and agreed that the conduct of the Awards shall not give rise to any legal obligations or duties, valid or enforceable in any way against the Attendant Care Industry Association.