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ACIA Education & Training for Providers

‘The training provided by ACIA was a very interactive and discussion stimulating session that also covered a lot of important detail.  It was great to have productive discussion around the Standard and how we as an organisation are progressing with this.  It is great to be able to come together and share our experiences, explore ideas, different ways to look at things and how we may continually improve as individuals and also as an organisation’. Lifestyle Solutions, August 2015

As a quality management program that is setting the bar in best practice attendant care service delivery, ACIA encourages all Australian attendant care service providers to enrol in and achieve ACIS. To support attendant care providers to achieve ACIS, ACIA conducts forums and education workshops to assist providers to gain an in-depth understanding the quality program and what it might mean for their organisation.  ACIA is now offering ACIS education programs delivered to service providers within their own organisation. These sessions will aim to provide a cross-section of the organisation – from senior management to coordinators and other staff – an opportunity to explore and discuss all components of the program within the context of their own organisation.

A sample Course Outline of the ACIS training for Service Providers can be viewed here

To speak to ACIA about a tailored approach to the facilitation of ACIS training for your organisation, contact the ACIA office on (02) 9264 7197. Special rates apply for ACIA members.

Capability Framework for Support Workers

The care and support workforce is critical in supporting people with disability to remain living at home and in their local community.  A workforce that is skilled and competent is essential to delivering the highest quality service to, and producing greatest confidence in, each participant. It is recognised that Service Providers undertake internal orientation and ongoing training with employees to ensure their level of knowledge and skills meets the needs of the participant. The Attendant Care Worker Capability Framework has been developed by iCare Lifetime Care in partnership with the NSW Community Services and Health Industry Training Advisory Body and ACIA, to enable Service Providers to benchmark each organisation’s orientation and ongoing training of their staff to the Attendant Care Industry Standard. This self-assessment tool identifies the essential knowledge and skills required by the support worker to work effectively in their role and will support consistency across Service Providers and their expanding workforce.

The Capability Framework consists of five sections: Orientation; Provide personal care; Maintain a safe environment; Establish and maintain appropriate interpersonal relationships; Provide complex support relating to catastrophic clinical matters.

Download a copy of the Capability Framework here