ACIA Guidelines

ACIA Guidelines

As part of ACIA’s commitment to appropriate and effective governance and quality of care.  ACIA have developed as suite of guidelines that helps guide best practice in the attendant care industry.

The purpose and intent of the guidelines are described in: ACIA 001 – ACIA_Policy-Guideline_Development_and_Review It is recommended that people read this document prior to using these guidelines.

ACIA 001 – ACIA_Policy-Guideline_Development_and_Review

ACIA 002 – Provision of Paid Support Services and Nursing in the Community

ACIA 004 – Administration of Oral Medication in the Community by Support Workers

ACIA 005 – Administration of Non Oral and Non Injectable Medication in the Community by Support Workers

ACIA 006 – Provision of Bowel Care by Support Workers

ACIA 007 – Driving a service user’s motor vehicle

ACIA 008 – Use of a Support Workers Private Motor Vehicle for Transporting Participants

ACIA 009 – Police Record Checks

ACIA 010 – Use of ACIS logo

ACIA 011 – Administration of Insulin in the Community by Support Workers

ACIA 012 – Use of the ACIA Member Logo

ACIA 013 – Communication between Service Providers and Therapist

ACIA 014 – Provision of catheter care by Support Workers in the community

ACIA 015 – Maintenance of Skin Integrity by Support Workers in the Community

ACIA 016 – Provision of Bariatric Care by Support Workers in the Community

ACIA 017 – Balancing Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk

ACIA 018 – Discontinuation of Services

ACIA 019 – Responding to Adverse Events

ACIA 020 – Complaints Handling

ACIA 021 – Statement on Quality of Service Delivery and Requirements of Membership

ACIA 022 – Guideline for Funding of Support Worker Training Programs

ACIA progressively develops guidelines to improve sector capacity and service delivery in consultation with its members and other stakeholders.

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